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The key to understand black and white Digital Photography Secrets can be better explained with the cooking analogy, which is, the simpler the recipe the more important the ingredients. What I mean by that is that because this type of photos do not have the aid of colors, other factors that influence Great Photography, like Composition and Light, become much more important.

Today with digital cameras is very easy to switch to a BW setting to take a photo or after a photo is taken. But is important to understand what difference it makes.

Light is everything in Black and White Photography, actually in any kind of photos but especially in this style of Photography.

Light plays a major whole in contrast which is the beauty of this type of photos. So creating nuances of light and shade is a very important skill to develop when shooting in this style. In other words, it is very important when shooting a BW photo to understand how to cast light, how is the shadows being created, how light is playing a contrast dance in the picture, so that you can take advantage of that to compose a great picture.

When there is no color to work with, interest has to be created with light, which is the major element of contrast, so important in black and white photography. The next factor that plays a major whole in this style of photography is Composition. Composition becomes extremely important and much attention should be paid to how light and dark play a rhythm in the picture. Using the Rule of Thirds is a great way to help you better compose your picture, when using this technique make sure you have decided what will be the main subject of your photo.

A great way to use light and composition for example would be when taking a photo that is backlit. In this situation you can easily get the subject in a dark shadow and use the background light to create a silhouette of it, creating an interesting composition and contrast of foreground and background.

Hope you enjoy these tips which help clarify one of the many digital photography secrets to taking great photos.

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