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Regardless of which photographic style an engaged couple chooses to incorporate into their engagement shoot, it is important to make it a point to always be aware of those “in between moments” that are often overlooked. Camera always ready to shoot, wait for the moments just after a pose, during a quiet moment between the couple, after the guy whispers something funny in his fiance’s ear, or those subtle but intimate glances exchanged between the couple when they think no one is looking.

Those are the moments to be captured and those are the moments you should always be waiting for, regardless of which engagement style you are shooting that day. No matter which style suits your personality better, the gorgeous and personal candid photos will be secured.

1. Photojournalistic Engagement Session

Although nowadays photography styles seem to incorporate a photojournalistic feel to the pictures, the photojournalistic engagement session typically is one where the photographer has little or no involvement at all. This session is where the couple has a specific and sentimental activity or location that they desire to have engagement photos taken at. Most often, the couple goes about their business and acts as they normally do while the photographer works “behind the scenes” to capture the shots from the outside looking in. The couple acts completely natural, ignoring that there is even a camera lens involved.

One of the best lenses for this type of shoot a telephoto lens. This allows the photographer to stand 10-30 yards away from the couple, allowing for privacy and intimacy. Candid pictures are easy to acquire in this engagement session because the couple stays very connected with each other, undisturbed by any surrounding distractions.

2. Guided Engagement Photography Session

Because many couples are not sure what to do when the camera lens is in front of their faces, the guided engagement session includes a great deal of the photographer’s input and direction. First, collaborate directly with the couple to determine the specific location(s) of the engagement shoot, then upon beginning the session, help to guide the couple through the shots and poses that are traditional and also that you have previously discussed before meeting.

When booking an engagement photography session, make absolute sure to familiarize yourselves with the couple’s personality, likes, dislikes, and style. That way, when out shooting, you can help to find poses and scenes that will fit the couple’s specific personality and taste. Because the session is guided, many of the images are traditional in nature and posed shots. Many photographers also capture the candid shots and also a few creative photojournalistic shots in the mix as well, but typically the pictures are more traditional and posed.

3. Combined Engagement Photography Session

While it is important learn about the couple before the shoot, you will also learn even more about them during the shoot. Because this includes shooting guided and photojournalistic photography, a longer engagement session is typically required, though not always. However, more time allows the photographer to guide the couple through the traditional posed pictures, catching candids in between, and leaving time for them to capture a photojournalistic feel. Often times, try to schedule a few different locations for this type of engagement session. This allows the couple to have more freedom in their shoot for different looks, wardrobe changes, and moving to places that are special to them as a couple.

Examples of some engagement shoots done in the past include couples who want pictures done at the place they first met, where they shared their first kiss, where he asked her to marry him, or somewhere that is all their own. Because of more time and more flexibility, you will not only get to know the couple better before their wedding day, but give them the opportunity to have a multitude of options to choose from when it comes to their engagement photos.