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5. Wash that Baby Face!

If you’ve ever spent any time around a baby, you’re probably fully aware that their faces are rarely clean. Runny noses, dried milk, spit-up, and sleep in the eyes are par for the course with a newborn. Keep some cotton swabs and a warm washcloth on hand and wipe up anything on the kids face that you don’t want in the picture!
4. The Angle Option

Stoop to Their LevelYou can’t really pose a newborn in a lot of different ways. Stomach? Sure. Back? Okay. That’s about it without the assistance of swings, chairs, and other people. That being said, don’t be afraid to pull in a favorite swing, chair, or even another person. Babies love being cuddled, so there are a lot of options to explore. Try an over-the-shoulder shot, or laying on their tummy in mommy or daddy’s arms. And don’t forget the classic “laying back in the arms” pose! Don’t forget that you can always gently prop a baby against something to get a better view of their faces from an angle. These are all very flattering for newborns, and are a bit more interesting than a baby laying by themselves on their back or stomach.

Image Credit: Charlotte’s Newborn Session by Christine on Flickr
3. Don’t Expect a Lot of Smiles

Newborns don’t spend a lot of time smiling. In fact, they don’t spend a lot of time doing too much of anything other than sleeping and eating. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get some great shots! There’s something angelic about a sleeping newborn cradled in someone’s arms. And is there anything cuter than a newborn happily nursing from a bottle? Of course not! And if a kid is fussy, don’t be afraid to pop a pacifier in because that is melt-your-heart cute! The trick is to take a lot of pictures of the infant doing what (s)he does best. When all else fails, take a lot of pictures from different angles, and see what ones you like best!
2. When in Doubt, Go With Timeless Black and White

Newborn NicholasNewborns tend to be a bit red in their first week or two of life, and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t look good in a picture. What do you do about this? Simple! Remove the color from the image! Black and white newborn portrait photography is classic and timeless, and allows for you to show all the soft cuddliness of a baby without worrying about them appearing too red or blotchy. This is one of the simplest fixes, and I highly recommend it.

Image Credit: Newborn Nicholas 04 by on Flickr
1. Stop When the Baby Says It’s Time to Stop

It doesn’t matter if you can do a photography shoot for five or six hours at a time, if the baby becomes fussy or upset with what is going on, take a break, or wait until the next day. Bright lights, strange objects, and people shuffling around them are likely to make them a bit irritated or nervous, which doesn’t translate well in photographs, and it isn’t doing your baby any favors either. Watch the babies cues to see if they’re hungry, need a diaper change, sleepy, or if they’re just annoyed with the situation, and fix accordingly. After all, when working with such tiny models, you’ll quickly learn that you’re not the one calling the shots!

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