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Wedding Photography

The day of your wedding is undoubtedly the most unforgettable and cherished day of your life. The day is made even more special with the presence of all your near and dear ones. Closest family and friends are there by your side to support and share the most significant moment of your life. As years go by, memories start to grow fainter and such an occasion is recollected through pictures of the esteemed day. However, if the photos are not good enough, the essence of the moment is ruined completely. Therefore, during the course of planning your wedding, it is very important to consider various options of wedding photography. You must look around for the best wedding photographer who can capture the exclusive day and come out with wonderful pictures to make for promising memories. Before choosing a person to act upon the successful task of wedding photography, there are few factors that need consideration:

The Style of Pictures

How do you want your photos to be? Most wedding photographers enhance the look of the pictures by adopting a specific style for example, traditional poses, candid camera work or photojournalism. You can either choose from one of these styles or get a combination of all. Also, you are given the option of getting the pictures in grayscale, sepia or natural colors.

Choosing the Photographer

The person taking your wedding pictures will be around you all through out the day and therefore it is very necessary to know the person before signing him up for the charge. Take time to speak to the photographer and get to know him well. He must be friendly yet professional, patient yet punctual, reliable and should make you feel at ease.

View Samples before Hiring

This is the most important aspect of appointing someone for wedding photography. You must request to view samples of the photographer’s previous work. Make sure you ask about the number of people assisting him and about the whole process as to how they go about it.

Time of Coverage

The session of photography depends on the events covered. In case you decide to get pictures of the ceremony only, the time of coverage would last from 1-3 hours. Many people also decide to get exclusive pictures of rehearsal dinner, bride and groom, engagement, reception, décor and cake etc. You can really get pictures clicked of the entire ceremony to make for an awesome reminiscence.

Delivery of Photos

This is the post photography session when you need to ask about how the photos will get delivered, if you can request for albums, if they will offer the negatives or digital files etc.

Price of Photos

The price of the photos is a significant aspect that needs a lot of thought. Don’t make a hasty choice by choosing a cheap photographer. You must not compromise on quality for a few extra pounds. The pictures will remain with you forever and thus you must shell out some extra money and go for the best kind of wedding photography.

With over 10 years in photography and 15 years in the graphic design industry we have created a new style of shooting and producing wedding albums. With a limitless gene pool of talent we set out to change the way weddings are shot and put together, thus we have! By using shooting methods from magazines, white balance laws from fashion photography and light rules from school of emotive photograpghy, we capture weddings in an all new style: and by using the dynamics of graphic design, the colours laws of art direction and unilateral theories of fashion layouts, we put together what we shoot in an all new style…collectively. We don’t ask you to pose for pictures, we don’t ask you to repeat actions and we don’t ask you to freeze at crucial moments. We simply shoot what’s happening when it’s happening leaving you with the perfect album.