What You Should Know When Shopping for Digital SLR Cameras

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Digital SLR cameras are a great innovation in the field of photography, as they allow average people with no special training to take great photos fairly easily. But when it comes to actually finding a camera that is a great fit, then because there is so much on the market it can get a little frustrating. If you aren’t a professional photography, or at least an avid hobbyist, you may not be familiar with a lot of the terminology and features associated with these cameras. We’ll try to help you out there by offering some outstanding tips to ease the shopping pain when you’re looking for a great digital SLR camera.

Do you want to shoot video as well as take pictures with your camera? Well, just in case you didn’t know, you can do that with digital SLR cameras. Cool, huh? It hasn’t been that long, but there was a time when you had to use a separate camcorder for shooting video. You can now find better cameras that have what is called, movie mode. You can improve the sound quality with some cameras because they come with jacks for external microphones. The intention is to give the basic ability to shoot basic video – nothing fancy and no indie films, please.

One decision you have to make when looking at digital SLR cameras is whether to get one with a first or third party lens. The higher quality lenses will naturally cost more, and that’s one thing about first party lenses you will want to know. You may want to go with a third party lens because they cost less, but they are made by companies other than the major lens makers. However some of the third party lenses are coming along, and you can find some that are of generally higher quality than others in its class. We’re pretty confident that you can find a much less expensive lens that will more than adequately take care of your needs in the beginning.

Remember to consider the lens focal length when you’re looking for digital SLR’s. What we’re talking about really is the amount of magnification that is required as it relates to focal length. Increasing focal length gives you greater magnification, making things appear to be closer. The opposite holds true as well: lower focal length means less magnification, and that means you will have a much wider perspective in your shot. The kind of focal length you need will depend on what type of photos you are going to take. Of course if you have a zoom lens, then you just adjust the lens to change the focal length. The kinds of photos you can take with a digital SLR camera are only limited by the camera and your imagination. Don’t overspend if you’re new to photography, and just get something that will satisfy what you want to do. There is no need to have everything you can get if you are brand new to photography. The above tips will give you some ideas of what to think about as you look at digital SLR cameras.

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