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Saffron Walden
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Your casting photo is an important factor in getting you into the right casting. A good actor headshot will help you get through the first stage of the audition process. The consensus of opinion was that without a decent headshot your chances of getting into the right casting are low. Working in digital photography has an advantage is that it takes the guesswork out of a photo session and offers the benefits of digital retouching. Working together we are able to see immediately what you look like on camera and what suits you. Initially I take a series of pictures. We can then review these pictures in the photo studio. We can continue with another series of pictures with different lighting or background and continue in this way throughout the photo studio session. The best images form the basis of your contact sheet which can uploaded, or printed out to review further. At the end of an hour you will have a contact sheet of around 30-50 images you can be happy with. Photos are taken on a variety of different light sources both studio, natural light and location shots.

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