Old Photo Restoration

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Using digital scanning and imaging techniques, we can restore precious old photographs.

We can either scan from the photograph or scan the original negative. Our photographic restoration skill means we can fix all sorts of problems such as fading, scratches, tears, blotches, missing corners and even removal of objects.

We also restore more recent photographs, and can fix things such as correcting yellowing, colour balancing, changing a distracting background, removing unwanted objects (or persons!) and even merging different photos together.

Charges for the service depend on how much time is needed for the photo restoration work. For example, a small scratch on a plain background is quicker to correct than a fault requiring work on a complex area such as a face.

We can then take your new improved photograph and print it for you on our range of high quality archival photo paper. Your restored photo will now be preserved for another 100 years!

As a guide we work on an hourly basis and can quote for the work before starting.

From £5


£25 per hour